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Claims Toolkit

We have created the first online subscription based toolkit in NZ for managing workplace injuries when they happen. The online ManageCLAIMS toolkit gives you tips, templates, guidance, support that you need to manage the claim, manage the employee, manage ACC and ultimately manage your risk. 

Why manage injuries?

Managing injuries not only minimises down time and preventing the need for replacement staff, your business also avoids getting penalised for every day an employee has off on ACC compensation. Simply put, you pay penalties on your CC levies and these can be as high as 75%.  

The ManageCLAIMS toolkit gives you the tools, forms and tips on how you can by-pass the Doctor and speed up the ACC process by over 40%. Imagine avoiding the medical certificate altogether... or at worst having one that doesn't state “fully unfit for work”.  Our toolkit gives you a very useful way of managing this process.

We focus on 5 key areas namely:

  1. Prior to an injury happening

  2. At the time of injury

  3. Communication

  4. Pay

  5. Return-to-Work

We keep the system up-to-date and compliant and provide email support when you need it.  All of this for... free! 


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Health & Safety at Work Act - Serious Harm Guide

So what actually happens when Worksafe do an investigation?  And more importantly what should you do?
The guide is in a collaboration with Brett Harris, Barrister and in conjunction with Sentry LawTM. We created the guide for all of our clients who may find themselves facing a formal investigation by WorkSafe New Zealand following an accident at work that injures, or even kills, an employee or a worker of another company / PCBU.
The free guide provides helpful chronological steps and tips on what to do before, during and after, should an incident occur. 



Health & Safety at Work Act - e-book

Introduction to the new Health & Safety at Work Act 2015.
We thought we'd put this resource together to help you wrap your head around the legislation.
We suggest read it in line with our practical guide which was a subsequent publication.


Health & Safety at Work Act - Cheat Sheet 

On the back of our very successful e-book - NZ's Work Health & Safety Future above, we have created this guide (cheat sheet) to help you put in place what you need to for the new legislation. 
Now that the Regulations have been published, you will find this new resource particularly useful. 
This handy guide details 12 key areas under the Health and Safety at Work Act that you will need to address and specific tasks that you need to action. It follows the same format and structure as the popular e-book so we suggest you read it in tandem.  Download the Cheat Sheet.