If your business is anything like ours, it is your financial future, your income generator and your succession plan.

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We understand that being in business can be highly complex. When making sure that you have minimised all the risks involved in owning and operating a business, it can be hard to see the wood for the trees. Our Specialist Risk Advisers can help you ensure your personal and business assets are protected from financial disasters due to unexpected health and medical conditions.

The process is very simple.  Every client that comes into the business will be offered a no cost Insurance Review at the same time. We have brokers located around the country across the Human insurances as well as in Fire & General, so regardless of where you are we can come and see you.

Should you want to get a review done directly than we can do that too. Just click on the link below and our Practice Manager will give you a call.


We understand that as a business owner everything can be tied up - your house, your business, all your risk.
Our job is to help you protect your lifestyle, health, income and even your mortgage repayments so when the unexpected occurs, you and your family can be confident that you will be provided for.
A number of you will be on Cover Plus Extra. Our experience is that not enough are and those that have moved have been very poorly set up. 


We already know that businesses overpay on their ACC - by 41%. We also know that businesses are not well looked after with their insurances because you our clients keep telling us this.
So as part of our ACC reviews we are now also doing an insurance review. No cost to you, we just know you will like what we have to share.
Have you ever valued your business? What happens when a key staff member (or you) can no longer work?

Do you know what your current broker is actually charging in administration fees? As a standalone service we are now doing reviews on existing policies not to replace them but to make sure that you are getting the best price. Results to date show us that there is a wide range of admin fees which at times make up to half of the premium. We treat this the same way as we do our ACC reviews, that is, we earn our keep when we reduce your premium.

Group Schemes

2019 and 2020 will see a lot of changes. ACC are punting up different incentive schemes and are also looking at making changes to Experience Rating. Equally Worksafe are also going to be busy with focusing on occupational health and getting more serious with their prosecutions. The net result is you (the employer) will be taking on a lot more risk than that you may want to.
Our focus is to make you aware of this risk and show you ways to manage it. We feel that group schemes are a bit of a sleeping giant and not well used. We want to change this because they are such a great way to help your business grow. Yes, your insurances can be used as a growth tool. Curious?