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Welcome to our Q + A platform.

What is it?

A space where SME businesses can get access to commercially realistic answers to their government compliance issues. This covers ACC risk (i.e. levies, experience rating, business grouping, CoverPlus Extra); ACC claims (challenging claims, medical certificates, return-to-work, disputes); Health & Safety (general questions, incident investigations, contractor management); injury prevention, and much much more.

This is a free service provided by the Manage Group. 

How does it work?

Your send us your government compliance question/s below. We answer your question by communicating with your directly, and displaying the answer on our ‘answers’ page here, all displayed anonymously. We endeavour to respond in 48 hours – some questions may need a specialist response.  If that is the case we will let you know of the time frame. If your question is urgent, or complex in nature there may be a fee attached - if this occurs we will discuss this with you before proceeding.


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Why we are doing it?

After 8 years of working in the government compliance space we are still hearing the same questions being asked.  Likewise, we are still seeing far too many businesses pay way too much in ACC levies as well as in health & safety.  There seems to be a massive void for realistic and commercially applicable solutions. 

We decided to do something about this - provide answers that work for truckies, scaffolders, farmers… practical solutions in plain English.  Tell it the way it is. 

The benefit of bringing these areas of compliance together is that we can evolve thinking.  Move from compliance being a cost centre in a business towards becoming a profit centre.  We think, why can’t health & safety be a revenue generator in a business?


This platform is free.  There is no cost for all general questions.  We will collate the answers and share them on a weekly basis via a pre-recorded webinars; blogs; email; website updates; we also run live webinars and panel discussions with topic experts on a regular basis.

We are providing this for free for three reasons.

1] we think that the base information should be free

2] we want to collate useful data on the real issues business have so we can guide and evolve government policy

3] strategically this fits within our strategy of becoming the centre of knowledge in the government compliance space.

 We have a large range of free resources that support this initiative and pathways for businesses to gain further assistance.

Who is Involved?

We have the ACC and Health & Safety expertise to provide you the correct answers.

Our wider ACC team includes ex ACC managers who have been involved in managing ACC risk, managing claims, guiding employers, and providing guidance to accounting firms and industry associations.

We are closely aligned to HASANZ, the Health and Safety Association of New Zealand.  They are the umbrella organisation representing workplace health and safety professions in New Zealand.

Our Health & Safety experts are aligned to the standards set by HASANZ.  This is important to us as we support HASANZ in raising the bar of professional standards across the health & safety sector.