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We first worked with Martin when we encountered some ACC issues. At the time we were working with another company for health & safety who had a good system but it was like a ‘one size, ts all’ approach. There was no accountability, meetings weren’t happening on time and they really had no idea of what we really did. We then approached Manage Company and from the very start they were brilliant - they removed anything that was really just paper for papers sake, and took a practical approach to it. They adapted to what we already had in place, and then steadily built upon that, meaning we didn’t have to start from scratch again. The accountability part was critical for us, because as we have sadly experienced on the back of a serious incident - a death on our site, it really does highlight the importance of accountability, of having monthly meetings and taking it seriously. It has also shown us the real need for the processes to be alive within
the business, not just words on a wall. On the back of this incident, Martin has been handling this very professionally through a tough time. All in all, we have learnt most of the work in Health and Safety should be preventive in nature and not incident focused. With this I commend Martin and Manage Company for the work they have done with us.
— Gem Hart, HG Group