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We get it, running a business is tough enough - you’re busy, and you don’t have the time to keep up with the intricacies of the ever-changing landscape of Government compliance. It can be confusing, overwhelming and perhaps intimidating at times. This is where we can help - we are New Zealand’s risk management experts. We specialise in Government compliance such as ACC and Worksafe, and our main motivation is to ensure businesses are treated fairly and equitably. This begins with making sure you understand exactly what is happening, and where you stand. And that is what we do - translate ACC and Worksafe speak into plain English.

What can you expect?

Our typical process begins with assessing your risk through examining your record with ACC and making recommendations as to how things can be improved. Nearly every assessment results in savings in ACC levies - our present average saving being 41%. This review does not cost you anything.

After we have assessed your business standing ACC, we may (where applicable) link you to our other three main service pillars of ManageCLAIMS, ManageOSH, ManageRISK.

As a client you may also be engaged directly by one of the other service pillars.  The good thing is that all are very complimentary and dovetail nicely.


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Our Areas of Speciality

ACC brokering. Claims management. Health and safety. Insurance.

Risk management specialists - we are proud to say we are specialists in this field because we live and breathe it. Not all of us know how to drive a truck, how to pour concrete, or how to operate a chainsaw, but someone in the business does. And we know exactly how to ensure your business is set up in the best position to do these things.

We cover all of New Zealand. No matter where you are we can support you in growing your business by making compliance work for you. Our clients are spread between Invercargill and Kaitaia and at some point we are sure we will have someone on Stewart Island as well. Our system allows us to do the work remotely using the phone, internet and depending on cell coverage, homing pigeon.  


Lower your ACC levies with a ‘success’ fee-based service, we take the same information that ACC uses to set your current ACC levy and evaluate this data via our Manage system. In over 95% of cases, we find savings, which to date is a massive 41% savings on average. In fact, there have only been 8 businesses so far where we could not find any savings!


Providing competitive insurance solutions for your business covering everything from the shareholders to employees to plant & equipment to your liabilities, etc. We have our brokers located across New Zealand so regardless of where you are we can meet your needs.


Manage your claims to improve profitability,  reduce your ACC bill, and retain staff. We have created New Zealand’s first (and only) free subscription based online ‘Claims Toolkit’. This powerful resource provides you all the templates, tips, fact sheets and tools to manage work injuries, your employee, ACC and your risk. That’s not all though, we also…


Health & Safety Brokers – we find you the best solution.  There are a lot of great products out there and great people.  Let us do the hard yards and find you who you need. We are aligned with HASANZ and the Safety Council.  All the professionals we introduce you to have to be accredited so they have the qualifications and skills needed. 


Martin Wouters and his team certainly have made an impact for the industry in his work to date ‘keeping ACC honest’ (so to speak). He knows the system and the right questions to ask to keep ACC on their toes and make them accountable.
— Prue Younger CEO, Forest Industry Contractors Assoc.


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