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Finally, a national physio network for you to use and pay only the ACC surcharge

In our ManageCLAIMS division the team have been very busy. 

Allied Health Network: we now have a full network across NZ so you can better manage your claims. Our philosophy is that we do not particularly like medical certificates especially for sprains and strains.  Also, we do not believe that medical certificates are properly administered.  The net result is you the employer is left with a worker that’s absent; you get penalised on your ACC levies; and you have a massive hassle factor. 

Rather than complain we did something about it. 

We provide you access to our Allied Health Network for free.  The logic being it makes more sense for proactive claim management to take place and provide support when and where needed. This way you get maximum bang for buck and we focus on the areas where support is best placed.

The Allied Health is located on our Online Claims Toolkit which is also free.  You will need to subscribe though as we provide updates on legislation; ACC review cases; we regularly improve and update the toolkit which you will need to know about; etc.

Please visit and follow the basic instructions.

Claim Challenges: This part of our business is very busy. We note that employers are getting increasingly more frustrated with wayward workers claiming; ACC not respecting the employer; poor claim management; the list goes on.

There is a solution for you. 

We are formally challenging ACC claims on a weekly basis in one way or another. The desired outcomes vary depending on the case.

·         Full removal of claim (no Experience Rating penalties)

·         Partial removal of claim (reduced impact on Experience Rating penalties)

·         Speedier claim management (reduced impact on Experience Rating penalties)

As an accredited ACC Agent, ACC provides subsidies to you for us to support you.

For support and any information please contact Jane Brunt our ManageCLAIMS Manager.  Jane can be contacted on or 0800 747 569

Debbie Welsh