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Risk & Return Seminars 2019

The three dreaded topics of business, ACC; Worksafe; and Health and Safety.

All of them can be confusing and even more so with the recent legislative changes. They definitely cost you a lot of money but do you know what you are actually paying for? Statistics show that most businesses are over paying on their ACC levies and on their compliance.

The Risk & Return Seminar Series is about giving you the tips and insights to work these to your advantage. Our presenters will show you:

  • How you can save 41% on your ACC levies.

  • What CHASNZ will be launching later this year – it’s going to be big for the contractor pre-qual schemes.

  • How you can manage your upstream and downstream… the 3 C’s of consult, coordinate and cooperate.

  • What really happens with a serious harm / fatality - from the employers perspective.

There will be plenty of giveaways that you can use in your business and spot prices including a one year subscription to Safe365 valued at over $900!

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Debbie Welsh