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ACC Health & Safety Grant - limited time until 16 March

Co-investment grant offer to help your business

ACC is currently running a pilot / trial targeting 6 - 99 employees where you can take advantage of a co-investment grant.  This is for training in health & safety.
Many businesses face challenges when seeking to improve health & safety outcomes. For this reason ACC has decided to work with businesses and provide assistance with this. Lets face it, strong health & safety generally should result in less incidents and therefor less claims on ACC. A win win.
Click here for ACC's brochure on this and if you are interested why not contact us, after all we are the experts in ACC! We can guide you on this and a range of other new initiatives such as the Safe+ scheme which is the new Health & Safety bench marking scheme; the pending changes to Experience Rating; assistance with claims; or perhaps you are interested in saving 41% (our average saving) on your ACC levies via our ACC Brokering?  
Whatever rocks your boat, we're always happy to have a chat.

Debbie Welsh