T’s & C’s

Terms & Conditions

Standard Terms & Conditions of Engagement of Fucultas Limited trading as Manage Company. This covers three subsidiaries ManageACC, ManageCLAIMS and ManageOSH.

1. Authority to Obtain Information from ACC I give authority for Manage Company to link my details with ACC to their agency client list and for Manage Company to act as my agent for ACC related dealings. All information will be kept strictly confidential.

I acknowledge that this gives Manage Company authority to do the following:

  • link my ACC number to their client list and if I already have an ACC agent I understand that this will not be impacted as there can be multiple agents

  • to act on my behalf in ACC related matters including and not limited to brokering levies which may include changing business ACC levy codes, setting up cover plus extra, challenging historical workplace accidents, managing claims

2. Disclaimer Manage Company has relied upon the information submitted by the levy payer and provided to it by ACC. Therefore Manage Company does not accept any responsibility or liability for the accuracy of this information. 

3. Fees For ManageACC I agree to pay Manage Company a one-off brokering fee equivalent to 40% of all reductions / savings created through our brokering service which includes any activity for the shareholders and the business levy code which may be backdated.  This also includes any and all backdating and any Use Of Money Interest that ACC pays. I understand that Manage Company does the review at no upfront cost and I also understand that should we implement the savings identified through the review process instead of Manage Company that we will be liable to pay a flat-fee of $5,000 plus gst. 

I acknowledge that Manage Company will automatically enroll us into their annual ACC Account Management plan which is complementary for the first year on the back of the ACC savings created.  Subsequent years are charged at $600 plus gst.

I acknowledge that the brokering success fee does not include any consulting relating to advocacy, health and safety, claim and triage management, and any future levy reduction initiatives that ACC may role out. These services are available on a set fee basis depending on the subsidiary and on my needs.

I acknowledge that any ACC and CLAIMS consulting or advocacy work is done at an hourly rate of $300 excluding GST.  Any OSH consultancy work is done at an hourly rate of $200 excluding GST.

4. Payment Terms I agree that the payment terms are set at 7 working days unless an alternative arrangement has been made. For all savings under ManageACC except via Cover Plus Extra policies invoicing is done on confirmation of savings by ACC. For the Cover Plus Extra related savings invoicing is done at the time the Cover Plus Extra policy is submitted to ACC. I understand that ACC may take 18 weeks to process the application and that all savings will be back dated to the date the application was submitted.

5. Receipt of ACC refunds In respect of any ACC refunds due to me I understand that this is at the discretion of ACC as to whether I receive a credit note or money advancement (cheque).  I also acknowledge the payment due to Manage Company is not impacted by whether a credit note or a refund is made by ACC. 

6. Authorisation for Advertising I authorise Manage Company to use information about me for advertising purposes including name, business name, business location and savings made. We do not disclose specific activities undertaken.

7. Timing I acknowledge that on submission of the ACC Authority form that it may take several working days for ACC to process the form and several working days for Manage Company to receive a copy of my ACC invoice.  Manage Company aims to communicate with me within seven working days however I understand the seven day time frame is not a guarantee rather best practice.

8. Confidentiality Manage Company will treat all client information with confidentiality.

9. Disclaimer Manage Company cannot and does not take responsibility for ACC or Worksafe NZ changing its policies or legislation which may adversely affect my levies and / or risk profile. Where possible Manage Company will inform me of pending changes.