When you begin to treat ACC as an insurance for your business, everything begins to change.

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ManageACC is managed by Sue Walton and her team. Sue comes from ACC where her last role was as Relationship Manager looking after both employers and intermediaries - like us. To put it concisely, Sue really knows her stuff and is exactly the person you need to speak to about your ACC issues.

ACC Brokers

This is what we do. We take the same information that ACC uses, put it into our system and most of the time (over 95%) we will get a lower value. Our job is to then work with ACC to have your levies lowered.

We work on success fee so if we cannot find savings we do not charge a fee. Our average saving over the last few years is 41%. That's right, these savings are real! Just ask our 2,500+ levy account holders. The ACC savings apply to all businesses and self-employed from all industries. Higher risk (blue collar) tends to receive higher $ savings due to the higher ACC premiums.

The process is very simple - we do a comprehensive review that does not cost you anything and for us to do our work we ask two things from you: Sign an authority for us so we can work directly with ACC - click here. Complete a basic questionnaire which gives us an insight into what goes on in your business - click here.
We complete the review, take you through it and on the back of that you can decide what you want done. We then go and do our work with ACC and create the savings for you.
Your time requirement is less than 10 minutes completing the forms up front and about 20 - 30 minutes to go through the review.

If you would like a review, or simply have an enquiry, get in touch with Sue -, or 027 2104 918.

ACC Advocacy

We have extensive experience in solving client issues whether they are challenging levy codes, claims, or one-off issues such as Official Information Act challenges. We are a registered ACC vendor and can submit and represent on your behalf at a review which may mean no cost to you. We have a very good success rate because we explain ACC's decision-making process in plain English to you and we only recommend a review to an employer if we believe there is a chance of success. We do not like to waste your time or money, so we will be straight up with you.

Why challenge ACC?

ACC like any organisation doesn't always get it right however this doesn't mean that ACC will put up its hand and admit it. Our observation is that when ACC does get it wrong it results in you paying more in your levies so the financial impact is real.

We have the expertise to be able to guide you as to what should happen and advise what the chance of a successful outcome is.
Click on each of the events below for previous advocacy work undertaken.

If you have an ACC issue or simply have an enquiry, get in touch with Sue -, or 027 2104 918.