There’s more to health & safety than just health & safety.

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Health & Safety Brokers – a novel approach to managing your health & safety risk. We find the right people, the right products, the right solutions for your business. Like an insurance broker but for your health & safety needs.


We have aligned ourselves with HASANZ and the Safety Council. All the professionals we recommend are HASANZ accredited so we know they have the qualifications and skills to help you.  As far as we know we are the only NZ firm to do what we do.

We have a number of solutions for you depending on your needs and size.  We have broken these into three sectors namely Small, Medium and Large. These are guidelines only and we can mix and match to create a tailored solution for you.

Small Business (up to 10 workers)

We can help you set up with the base documents and monitor ongoing actions. The setup costs $949 plus GST which includes:

  • A Health & Safety Manual for your business (policy, templates, risk register, competency register, incident reporting, etc)

  • Support with challenging workplace claims

  • ACC Review to ensure you are not being over charged

We provide regular ongoing checks to make sure things are going to plan.  The frequency depends on what you need.   

For the smaller business

  • $99 / month (4 x 1 hour visits per year)

  • $129 / month (6 x 1 hour visits per year)

  • $259 / month (12 x 1 hour visits per year)

Medium Business (11 – 50 workers)

As per the above, we set up where required. A number of our clients have a system already that just needs to be tweaked or it needs to evolve.

This group of businesses will typically run a health & safety committee which we will chair.  This allows us to guide you and keep control of what needs to be done.

We manage incidents as they happen and escalate any ACC challenges directly.

We also work with Worksafe although any serious harm accident will incur additional fees. 

Our job is to guide, mentor, train, support.  We minimise the time wastage and we focus on what needs to be done. We are part of your team.

Fees typically start from $1,000 per month and will vary depending on what you need.

Large Business (50+ workers)

We build on the work we do under the medium business framework. We work with any size business including multi branch networks.

Larger businesses tend to have slightly different needs given that there tends to be a clear layer of management including HR and Health & Safety. Often there is an external board who have a clear need for reporting.

The work we do in this space varies from direct risk management; being part of their internal team; running specific projects; system audits; safety audits; etc.

Fees vary depending on needs.


There are many products out in the market place that are quite cool. They range from online health & safety platforms, Apps, online inductions, prequals, etc. 

Our job is to source what you need – that’s what we do as health & safety brokers.  We don’t see a lot of point in creating our own platform when there are so many good ones already available.

We work with both NZ and international providers and cover everything for a sole trader to an international conglomerate who has various ISO accreditations. 

Add-on Solutions

A bit like a smorgasbord, select what you need.

  • System Audits

  • Subcontractor Management

  • Site Specific Safety Plans

  • Safety Audits

  • Incident Investigation

  • Training

  • Online Inductions